East/West Regional Connections Project

The Oregon Department of Transportation and Washington County (in a partnership project) is now beginning construction of the next phase of ODOT RealTime, a system that provides real-time traffic information on roads to help travelers get where they're going more safely and efficiently. The latest project will implement ODOT RealTime between Washington County, central Portland and the Portland Airport.

This expanded system will improve road safety and help drivers make better informed decisions about their travel routes.

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Design Phase Complete

Posted: Wednesday, July 13

The Design Phase is now finished and a construction contract has been awarded to Wildish. Work is expected to begin this summer.

Crashes and crash severity down on OR 217 since ODOT RealTime signs activated

Posted: Tuesday, December 29

The number of crashes on OR 217 dropped by nearly 21 percent in the year since activation of the ODOT RealTime traffic signs while traffic volumes in the region increased.

Data collected by ODOT since the RealTime project was activated in July 2014 shows a drop in the number of crashes, a drop in the severity of crashes and improved reliability in the 7.5-mile corridor.

“These numbers show that the ODOT RealTime system is making OR 217 safer and more efficient,” said Rian Windsheimer, ODOT Region 1 manager.


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